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FieldConnex プロセスインターフェースは、複数の従来の入力と出力とをフィールドバスに最小ケーブルにてつなぎます。 本質安全には以下が含まれます:センサとアキュレータはZone 0/ Div.1に取付け可能で、プロセスインターフェースはZone1/ Div. 1です。I/O は、 フィールドバス,て給電されており、ケーブルが節約できます。プロセスインターフェースが、標準ファンクションブロックとフィールド機器の各種タイプとメーカからの選択行える柔軟性を有します。

Temperature Multi-Input Device

Fieldbus Temperature Multi-Input Device
Fieldbus Temperature Multi-Input Device

The FieldConnex® Temperature Multi-Input Device (TM-I) integrates up to eight analog signals into digital fieldbus communication in a very efficient and cost-effective way. The following types of devices and signals can be connected:

  • Resistive temperature sensors, includes 2-, 3- and 4-wire versions
  • Thermocouples
  • Other resistance and millivolt signals

Each input is parameterized separately. The TM-I supports cold junction compensation and monitoring of sensor and wire conditions, too.

Multi-Input Output

FieldConnex® Multi-Input Output (MIO)
FieldConnex® Multi-Input Output (MIO)

The FieldConnex® Multi-Input Output (MIO) provides connection for various disrcete signals to the DCS via fieldbus and one single address. The MIO monitors the status of up to twelve NAMUR sensors or controls up to four valves—including final position feedback and automated partial stroke test. Due to its integrated breakaway and runtime monitoring for valves, an alarm signal is emitted when limit values are exceeded. Alternatively, MIO enables overflow and idle level of containers and conduits monitored by vibration limit switches. All inputs and outputs of Multi-Input Output are intrinsically safe. The MIO serves the exact same functions as FieldConnex valve couplers and binary interfaces and as a drop-in replacement with no reconfiguration required at the PLC or DCS. New and unique is the frequency or pulse input for monitoring of rotating equipment.

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