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Panel PC Zone 2/Div. 2/Safe Area

GMP Panel PCs for Zone 2 and safe areas

VisuNet GMP PC are designed for use in regulated industries such as pharmaceutical or food and beverage. The panel PC's mechanical components are enclosure rated IP 65 and follow design principles for GMP "Good Manufacturing Practice". VisuNet EX2 GMP PC can be operated in hazardous areas Zone 2 and 22.

The Panel PC features a Intel ATOM 1.6 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM. For central storage Solid State Disc (SSD) 80 GB is available.

The TFT displays are available with a display sizes of  19" (48,3 cm, resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels) and 22'' (55,9 cm, resolution 1680 x 1050 pixels). The polyester foil industrial keyboard with 105 keys is antibacterial and resists the cleaning agents typically used in these industries. The keyboard comes in an IP65 stainless steel housing and is available in several languages.

As mouse types are available:

  • Touchpad
  • Trackball (optical for safe areas, mechanical for Zone2/22)
  • Joystick

Panel PC for Class I, Div. 2 hazardous areas

VisuNet IND in a Panel PC that is both rugged and sleek. It is a Class I, Div.2  solution made to meet the toughest processing conditions. The design of this VisuNet IND housing makes it very adaptable, so operator workstations throughout the plant can have the same look and feel, yet function differently.