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FieldConnex® システムは、8個までのフィールド機器をトランクに接続する為の標準ジャンクションボックスを各種バージョンにて提供します。ジャンクションボックスの選択とフィールド機器への位置により、最小のケーブル配線を可能にします。


  • 一般的な目的と危険エリアの選択
  • フィールドバスセグメントへの機器の接続が簡単
  • 厳しい環境に備えた堅牢な筺体
  • ケーブル接続のための多くのオプション

No application is like any other, and every application always places new requirements on the features and configuration of a fieldbus distributor. This fact is addressed by our new modular Field Junction Box system for our familiar FieldConnex products. You can not only customize the housing size, but everything from the screw connectors of the electronics to the overvoltage protection can be selected to customize your Field Junction Box to your particular needs. Besides a custom-fit solution for your application, the Field Junction Box allows the fastest installation possible on site, reducing engineering costs at the same time.


  • Ex-certified installation solutions for the fieldbus in Zones 1/2/21/22 and Div. 1/Div. 2
  • Customer-oriented availability
  • Customer- and industry-specific solutions for fieldbus distributors (non-Ex solutions as well)

  • SS316L/1.4404 high-gloss polish
  • Condensation runoff/ventilation
  • M10 grounding bolts
  • Mounting bracket
  • Door hinges
  • DIN rail
  • Different box sizes:
  • 280 mm x 170 mm x 100 mm
  • 300 mm x 200 mm x 120 mm
  • 377 mm x 377 mm x 160 mm
  • 480 mm x 400 mm x 160 mm

Field Junction Box also available in polyester (GRP) housing