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VisuNet PC: Panel-PC

The VisuNet PC Panel-PCs are designed for visualization and control of processes and machines. It incorporates a Pentium-M 1.8 GHz CPU, a 30 GB Hard Disk and up to 1 GB of RAM. It comes with the Windows XP Professional operating system pre-installed. One can install the desired visualization and control software (SCADA) from any of the merchantable software and any process system companies. The connection to the process hardware is possible with the on-board IEEE 802.3 Ethernet port, with RS422, TTY or RS232. The communication with the process hardware, often a PLC, is done by protocols like Modbus or Profibus-DP, which are integrated in the SCADA software packages or in a Client Server environment just with Ethernet and TCP/IP.

The VisuNet PC Panel-PCs, designed for the hazardous area, define new benchmarks in fanless PC performance, housing design and modular concepts. The VisuNet PCs offer optimal conditions for high-end visualization and processing of information for control of processes and machines.

  • Reduction of hardware components, no barrier or PC in the safe area required--- reduction of system cost and cabinet space
  • High connectivity - Ethernet, RS422, TTY and RS232 connections as point-to-point or through a network topology with switches, routers, …
  • Pepperl+Fuchs Toolbox package - Hard Disk surveillance and management, data security, data recovery, ...
  • Intrinsically safe USBi port for use of intrinsically safe memory sticks
  • Front access housing (option) - optimized installation and maintenance and direct wall mount possible
  • Modular concept - customized solutions based on standard hardware components
    (displays, keyboards, mice, housings, mounting types)
  • Open system platform - integration into existing network infrastructure

Panel-PC = operator panel + PC unit
The combination of an operator panel and a powerful PC unit provides an ideal platform for control and visualization with customer defined visualization software, for soft PLC systems, for client-server applications or for browser-based terminals.