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Visualization of processes via networks

VisuNet is the world's first HMI platform for the process industry to communicate via Ethernet TCP/IP network structures and as such eliminates proprietary connection techniques completely.

VisuNet is compatible with all established PC-based distributed control systems (DCS). The distance between monitor, mouse and keyboard located in the hazardous area and the Host-PC in the safe area can be up to 2 km.

VisuNet is available as PC and as RM Remote Monitor solution. VisuNet PC is a panel PC including monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Now the Ethernet-based networks commonly used in process automation can be utilized for PC-based process.

The VisuNet platform offers the following variants:

  • VisuNet RM: Remote Monitor solution
  • VisuNet PC: Panel-PC solution
  • VisuNet OBx: Option Box configurable with power supply and network components

VisuNet is designed for installation according to:

  • ATEX and IEC, category II 2G (zone 1 gas)
  • ATEX and IEC, category II 2 D (zone 21 dust)
  • standard industrial environment

VisuNet meets even the toughest requirements on robustness, safety and functionality.