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TERMEXpro: Project design software for TERMEX operator panels

TERMEXpro 4.0 is the Windows based design software package for graphical project design for all text and graphics panels of the TERMEX family. Easy and intuitive to use, it helps you complete even complex projects on time and within budget. The consistent implementation of standardized procedures, data types and control functions lets system integrators work quickly and efficiently in TERMEXpro 4.0. Acquired knowledge is simply transferred and systematically applied to any project.

Standardized data types
TERMEXpro 4.0 uses data types for tags and variables according to EN 61131-3. Data types for specific peripheral devices (e.g. barcode readers) are available.

Import/export of tags, variables and text lists
This function allows existing text and file lists to be loaded in the standardized csv file format.

Drag & drop function for files and objects
Using this function, you'll increase your efficiency due to faster-than-ever image creation and variable definitions and assignments.

Undo / redo

The undo / redo function is incorporated in all editors.

Multilingual capability

To facilitate multilingual projects and applications, TERMEXpro 4.0 now supports the project design in up to 32 languages, which can be switched at any time without interrupting operation. The integrated import/export function allows all texts to be edited in other programs if required. Additional languages can be conveniently translated by external personnel and re-integrated in the project.

Graphics library

Pump, valve and container icons ease the project designer's task. User-defined icons can be quickly created and integrated.

Integrated help with native language search
Intuitive help concept: All questions can be submitted in the native language!

The project documentation is generated as Word for Windows file, with the known advantages:

  • Easy modification/completion by any editor program
  • Integration into external machine-/plant documentations

TERMEX Toolbox
The TERMEX Toolbox consists of:

  • PLC simulator for test of the TERMEXpro project
  • SIO serial interface display and control tool
  • LOADER for upload and download of the edited project into and out-of a TERMEX operator panel