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ENT-DC: Power supply unit and interface converter for TERMEX

The safe area mounted ENT-DC is an IS power supply unit and IS interface converter for the intrinsically safe TERMEX 220, 230, 320 and 330 operator panels.
Versions with one, two or three IS power outputs available, for powering the optionally attached SCANEX barcode readers or weighing scale interfaces. It supports RS232, TTY and RS485 (option). It is 24V DC powered.

The ENT-DC is available in different housing versions for standard DIN-rail mount, for 19" racks and as direct wall mount housing.

SK-MPI: Siemens S7 MPI bus interface for TERMEX

The safe area mounted SK-MPI interface is operated as an interface between TERMEX-ENT-DC and the SIEMENS PLC. It converts the 3964R/RK512 protocol of the TERMEX operator panels to the Siemens MPI bus protocol (PLC: S7-300 and S7-400). It can be put into operation without any settings or configurations at the Siemens S7 end.

The SK-MPI interface is supplied with power either via the S7 MPI port or – if several SK-MPI interfaces are used on the same PLC – via a separate 24 V DC connection. The baud rate at the 3964R/RK512 end can be up to 38.4 Kbit/s, while the data rate at the MPI end is 187.5 Kbit/s.

SK-Profibus: Profibus-DP interface for TERMEX and Siemens S5 and S7 PLCs

The safe area mounted SK-Profibus interface is operated as a connection between TERMEX-ENT-DC and the Siemens PLC with Profibus-DP interface. The SK-Profibus interface allows the TERMEX-ENT via RS232 to be connected quickly and inexpensively to a Profibus-DP fieldbus as Profibus-DP slaves.

It converts the serial 3964R/RK512 protocol of the TERMEX to Profibus-DP and vice versa. In addition to the SK-Profibus interface hardware, which must be installed in the safe area, the scope of supply also includes the associated GSD files, as well as function blocks for integration in a Siemens S5 or Siemens S7 PLC controller.

CASES: Stainless steel wall mount enclosures for TERMEX operator panels

A wide range of ergonomic enclosures for the most diverse applications is available for the TERMEX family. All cases are made of stainless steel and can optionally be supplied with a barcode reader holder. It can be used for wall mount or desktop mount.