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Handheld Barcode Reader*

Ex-Dragon D101

This handheld barcode reader in the SCANEX product series combines fast reading and a rugged, ergonomic design with extremely simple handling and a coiled cable that can be extended up to 5 meters, making it the ideal solution for data collection in hazardous areas.

It is capable of reading more than 20 of the most common barcode families in industrial use.

The Ex-Dragon D101 is designed for use in hazardous areas (Zones 1, 2 and 22).

This intrinsically safe handheld barcode reader is renowned for its exceptional performance and for the high mechanical stability of its case, which complies with the IP 54 degree of protection. It is quite suitable for operation in harsh industrial environments.

The handheld barcode reader can be connected directly to a higher-level computer, an operator panel in the TERMEX product series, a PC operator terminal belonging to the iPC-EX product family or the PCEX 410 panel PC in the VISUEX system family.

The reader can also be connected to a Profibus-DP fieldbus via a Profibus-DP interface.



Dimensions of handheld barcode reader Ex-Dragon D101

EX-Dragon D101