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VISUEX - the panel PC for hazardous areas

VISUEX is a panel PC system family for use in hazardous areas according to categories II 2G (Zone 1, 2) and II 2D (Zone 21). It features an integrated PC, a touchscreen and an Ethernet network connection.

It is optimized for installation in a panel or in a compact, stainless steel case which is optionally available. The front of the PCEX is dust-tight, splashproof and complies with the IP 65 degree of protection.

This combination of an operator panel and a powerful, integrated PC opens up a host of potential applications. The panel PC provides an ideal platform, for instance, for control and display panels with the visualization system of your choice, for software PLC systems, for client-server applications with a SCADA system or for web terminals.

The integrated, serial TTY/RS485 and Ethernet ports facilitate a connection to a PLC and server in the safe area, even over long distances.

The intrinsically safe interfaces can be used to connect a barcode reader and an intrinsically safe expansion keyboard.